Brian and Drew: Building on the Blockchain, Crypto Law, and DAOs

Horacio spoke with Brian Harstine of Acquire and Andrew Hill. Andrew is a managing associate of the law firm Frost Brown Todd, and one of the leading experts in blockchain and cryptocurrency law in the country. Brian is the CEO of Acquire, a company that is tokenizing securities of private equity deals. Brian and Andrew talk about the advantages of blockchain, legal issues in the space, and the most recent developments at Acquire.

Discussion topics include:

  • Fitting technology with existing frameworks

  • Using blockchain to power traditional assets at scale

  • On-chain data already working across traditional platforms

  • Differentiating the different uses for blockchain technology

  • Becoming a shareholder of Acquire security token offerings

  • The Acquire NFT Access Card

  • Taking out the guesswork of the technology for users

  • Lack of Regulatory clarity around DAOs

  • Participating in a DAO without profits of the enterprise

  • The government’s priority in regulating the crypto industry

  • Acquire NFT Access Card Announcement on Medium

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