Investing in fractional vacation homes with Here Founder Corey Ashton Walters

Horacio spoke with Corey Ashton Walters, the Founder and CEO at Here. Here is an investment platform fractionalizing shares of vacation rental properties. Here is focused on bringing quality homes as vacation rentals to market in popular travel destinations. In this podcast Corey discusses the unique return profiles of vacation rentals, his journey toward creating Here, and the future of the platform.

Discussion topics include:

  • Market opportunities for vacation rental properties

  • Changing tastes and preferences in vacation properties among Millenials

  • Fractionalization enabling access to investors

  • Learning from his experience at Homeworthy, his previous company

  • The work that went into Sunburst as Here’s first initial public offering

  • Choosing a vacation property in Largo, FL

  • Future offerings and regions on Here

  • Value-add for vacation properties to increase booking revenue

  • Competing on product to stand out as an investment platform

  • Unique return profile of vacation properties

  • Expanding into an international company with worldwide offerings

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