Building Greener, Smarter, and Off the Grid with Pangea Builders CEO Jonah Reynolds

Horacio spoke with Jonah Reynolds, CEO at Pangea Builders. Pangea Builders is a design and build firm for sustainable and off-grid buildings. Pangea focuses on the home’s water, power, wastewater, and heating/cooling systems. In this episode, Jonah discusses the benefits of sustainable off-grid systems, their advantages to traditional buildings, and the company’s mission to educate future sustainable builders.

Discussion topics include:

  • Building off-grid custom homes and Earthships

  • Conventional backups to help sustainable systems

  • Using thermal mass, or earth-type material, for frame walls

  • Adding value to homes by making them self-sufficient

  • Working with municipal governments for green building

  • Using thermal mass to complement solar power

  • Inviting designers and architects to Pangea builds

  • Frame buildings designed to be as cheap as possible

  • California laws requiring new homes have solar power systems

  • Building in Haiti after the 2010 Earthquake

  • Jumping through bureaucratic red tape to build after disasters

  • Getting sustainable buildings into the mainstream

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