Alfonso De Gaetano: Accessing the Greatest Wines, Nurturing Passionate Wine Drinkers, and Leveraging Blockchain Technology

Horacio spoke with Alfonso De Gaetano, the Founder of Crurated. Curated is a wine membership platform, allowing wine enthusiasts to buy great wine straight from the producers. Crurated’s partnerships enable it to offer wine from some of the most highly regarded domaine’s in Europe. In addition, Alfonso has implemented a tracking system using blockchain technology that tracks a wine’s movement from the vineyard to the buyer’s home.

More discussion topics include:

  • ​​Making the greatest wines accessible

  • Getting into wine as a hobby

  • The appeal of high-quality wines

  • Getting frustrated with buying expensive bottles with “dead” wine

  • Using blockchain technology only if it can add value to the product

  • Building relationships with the top wine producers in France and Italy

  • Producers unhappy with inflated prices of their products

  • Creating a new generation of wine collectors

  • The importance of knowing where a wine bottle has been

  • Focusing on wine to nurture passionate wine drinkers

  • Link to Crurated on Instagram

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