Tokenizing fractional investments of Private Deals with Acquire CEO Brian Harstine

Horacio spoke with Brian Harstine, Co-founder and CEO at AcquireInvest. Acquire is an investment platform tokenizing securities on the Ethereum blockchain for retail investors. Acquire, currently in beta, will also look to offer investment opportunities usually found in private deals, including commercial real estate, movie and entertainment funds, and biotechnology. In this episode Brian talks about the advantages of tokenizing securities, the importance of the user experience, and the steps Acquire is taking as its platform goes live in late 2022.

Discussion topics include:

  • The growth of retail investors

  • Advantages of tokenizing assets and using blockchain technology

  • Giving retail investors access to private deals

  • Offering a mix of traditional and alternative investments

  • Accessibility through the appeal of the product for retail investors

  • Offering investments in the media and entertainment space

  • Buying an Acquire NFT to gain access to the investment platform in beta

  • Utilities of the NFT for use in the Acquire platform

  • Link to articles by Brian Harstine on Medium

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