The Most Expensive Breitling Watches on Jomashop

The Most Expensive Breitling Watches on Jomashop

Breitling, the legendary Swiss watchmaker, has mastered the art associated with producing high-end timepieces. There’s a reason why the brand is synonymous with wealth. Even the simplest of their watches can cost thousands of dollars. Breitling watches are known for their classic and elegant style.

Leon Breitling created the company in 1884, and the brand has used only the highest quality Swiss-made components since then. Divers and aviation experts prefer Breitling watches due to their dependability and quality craftsmanship.

Breitling partnered with Bentley to create several magnificent limited edition timepieces, making the watches popular with automotive enthusiasts.

Why is Breitling so expensive?

Breitling watches are some of the most sought-after timepieces due to the exquisite quality of materials used on them and their outstanding advanced designs that guarantee timeless durability. Breitling has quite a few models that utilize gold, stainless steel, and titanium.

Here are five of the most expensive Breitling watches on Jomashop that you can buy.

Breitling TransOcean Automatic Rose Gold

The TransOcean collection from Breitling is designed for the sophisticated traveler. The stylish series was introduced in the 1950s, during the golden period of transcontinental travel, to compliment Breitling’s precision chronometers.

After being discontinued, this line was reintroduced in 2010. With a decidedly vintage yet timeless appearance, the new Transocean pays homage to the original. The Transocean is a collection of timepieces with a polished and beautiful look that strike the appropriate blend of unique luxury and long-lasting practicality for watch enthusiasts.

Transocean Automatic Rose Gold,  features a sleek and original guise that combines modern technology with a vintage aesthetic.

This mechanical movement timepiece with the Chronograph function offers a 70-hour power reserve. It is made of scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and is waterproof to a depth of 100 meters / 330 feet. It’s the ideal travel watch.

You can purchase from the TransOcean line from Jomashop at the best price online. This timepiece is 46% off and costs $16,975.

Breitling Chronomat 44 Automatic Black Dial

The Chronomat line was originally introduced in 1984. It has received a modern facelift, just like the rest of Breitling’s heritage lines, to bring the line of aviation-themed timepieces up to date.

This is the new Chronomat watch line, which has been upgraded and adjusted in subtle ways. The goal is to make the watch more modern while paying homage to the antique design cues and history that made the collection so popular in the first place.

The Breitling Chronomat is an all-purpose sports watch that pays homage to Breitling’s history as a chronograph pioneer and the comeback of mechanical timekeeping in the 1980s.

The unusual Rouleaux bracelet gives the wrist a trendy retro style, while Caliber 01, a modern manufacturer, marks the way forward. This watch features a stainless steel case with a black rubber band, an inlay ring, a black dial with luminous rose gold-tone hands, and an index hour marker that distinguishes this watch.

You can own this watch with a low monthly payment of $443 monthly once you qualify with Affirm. This timepiece is on sale only at Jomashop for $12,718.88.

Breitling Premier B25 Datora Chronograph

The Breitling Premier series is a stylish yet subtle sports watch that features the classic Breitling design.

Breitling Premier is well-known among watch collectors who know the company’s history. In recent years, the Premier watch collection has been renovated and revamped, and it now includes excellent timepieces that may be worn with suits. In this collection, Breitling’s distinctive sports features are expertly blended with simple elements to give the clocks a more humble appearance.

The Premier B25 Datora oozes refined elegance with its copper-colored dial, blue hands on the subdials, and filigree moon-phase display.

The manufacture caliber B25 is housed in a 42-millimeter stainless steel casing that is water-resistant to 10 bar. This watch, which comes with a brown alligator-skin strap, is a great choice for both casual and formal events.

This timepiece is 19% off only on Jomashop and costs 10,550.

Breitling Chronomat B01 42 Chronograph

The Chronomat series from Breitling has endured the test of time. This watch was worn during World War II, survived the quartz crisis, was recreated after the firm went bankrupt, and is now considered one of the most popular and adored watches in the brand’s history.

Breitling has developed the Chronomat in its contemporary version to be the ultimate all-purpose watch, with a sophisticated look and a variety of combinations.

The Breitling Chronomat B01 42  is a timepiece with excellent movements and impeccable craftsmanship. There are various historical instances and modern varieties of this watch, each with its unique style and aesthetic peculiarities, dating back to the 1940s.

The Chronomat was one of Breitling’s earliest tool watches, but the watchmaker intended to differentiate it from the other pilot’s watches at the time by targeting scientists and engineers.

Breitling Bentley GMT B04

Bentley and Breitling have been working together since 2002 when Bentley asked Breitling to design an onboard timepiece that would reflect the Continental GT’s unrivaled luxury, outstanding quality, and incredible performance.

Breitling timepieces, like Bentley automobiles, exude an air of elegance while in motion. Bentley and Breitling’s factories value mechanical perfection.

The asymmetrical lugs and incorporated push-pieces that form the shape of the case, as well as the black rubber strap, distinguish the Bentley GMT B04.

Breitling designed this watch with a more sporty look by using Carbon as a material that distinguishes it from its predecessor. This watch has red accents, a carbon case, a second-time zone, and a chronograph feature, making it very appealing.

The dial, like the shell, is made of carbon with a visible weave, but the red-rimmed counters, which resemble race car instrument panels, give this watch a sporty look.