The benefits of Investing in Farmland with LandEx CEO Kamel Belkadhi

Horacio spoke with Kamel Belkadhi, Co-founder and CEO at LandEx. LandEx is a fractional investment platform for farmland in Europe. Currently, LandEx has invested in farmland in Estonia, where the company is based. Its investment platform is open to retail investors in Europe with minimum investments as low as 10 Euros. In this episode, Kamel talks about the unique aspects of buying land in Europe, the merits of farmland as an investment, and why farmland is as important as ever.

Discussion topics include:

  • The benefits of investing in farmland

  • Advantages of tapping into retail investors as a startup

  • Finding a market opportunity in Europe

  • The differences among European countries in attaining land

  • Balancing farmland investing with being a fintech company

  • Fractional investment market in Europe

  • The impact of climate change and disasters on farmland

  • Rising food prices and the effect on farmland

  • The impact of the war in Ukraine on land prices and food supply

  • Acquiring more farmland and entering a CO2 recapture program

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