Talking Graffiti and Urban Art’s rise in popularity with Walter Ramirez from Heritage Auctions

Horacio spoke with Walter Ramirez, the Contemporary and Urban Art Consignment Director at Heritage Auctions. Walter oversees Heritage’s curation of the growing Urban Art scene. Since its creation in 2018, Walter has seen Urban Art auctions increase exponentially. Graffiti and pop culture are prominent in this form of art. In this episode, Walter talks about the rising popularity in Urban Art, some of the growth and acquisition strategies at Heritage Auctions, and his view on the future of contemporary art.

Discussion topics include:

  • Urban Art as a subcategory of Contemporary Art

  • Graffiti and street art as emerging forms of art

  • Working at Heritage Auctions and specializing in Urban Art

  • The rise of the Urban Art department at Heritage

  • The influences of pop culture and collaborations

  • The appeal of NFTs and the ease of curation

  • Taking art from a public space

  • Artists adapting to change and trends

  • The process of acquiring and consigning works of art

  • Growing the Urban Art category at Heritage

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