CEO Ezra Levine

This week Stefan sat down with Ezra Levine, the CEO of Collectable. Collectable is a new app that lets you own shares of iconic sports cards & memorabilia.

In the chat, Stefan and Ezra discuss:

  • Collectable’s history as a sports auction data aggregator

  • Navigating the legal issues in order to get where they are today

  • Emmitt Smith as the first investor

  • How Collectable introduced the concept of retained ownership

  • Collectable’s new secondary market

  • The advisory committee and shareholder protection

  • How they source their items through existing relationships

  • New partnership with Sports Immortals

  • Creating a sports investor community

  • Collectable’s short & long term plans

This episode was originally featured in the Alternative Assets newsletter issue: Investing in Sports Memorabilia with Collectable

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