Charlie “The LEGO Man” Swatkins

This week Stefan sat down with Charlie Swatkins, whose passion & expertise in investing in Legos has dubbed him “The LEGO Man.”

In the chat, Stefan and Charlie discuss:

  • How & why Charlie started investing in LEGOs

  • Why LEGOs are a worthy alternative asset

  • What makes a LEGO set valuable

  • What LEGO collectors look for in a purchase

  • How a set’s shelf life, design, and theme factor into price

  • How to source LEGO sets

  • How to find data-driven arbitrage opportunities

  • The difference between buy & hold and quick flip strategies

  • The risks of investing in LEGOs

  • How investing in LEGOs led to his new project, All Things Arbitrage

  • Why Amazon FBA is an important element in LEGO resale

This episode was originally featured in the Alternative Assets newsletter issue: Investing in LEGOs

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