The Heritage & Handiwork of Hermes

The Heritage & Handiwork of Hermes

If there is one French fashion house that stands out from the rest- it would be Hermes. The brand is luxurious, it is expensive, and it is most definitely spectacular. You cant discuss Hermes without addressing its impeccable craftsmanship and handiwork. Almost every Hermes product is handmade, which thus contributes to its high price point and exclusivity.

Hermès is synonymous with effortless glamour and has built a loyal following for its iconic, well-loved handbags and printed scarves. The brand is also known for manufacturing timepieces that merge Swiss craftsmanship with luxury fashion.

Collections from Hermès are romantic and expressive, having a distinctive understanding of style and form. Hermès wristwatches celebrate this same timeless quality and classic aesthetic. With an emphasis on detail and a commitment to handmade Parisian quality, Hermès’ collections continue to inspire awe while remaining true to the brand’s heritage.

Developing a Distinction

Thierry Hermès founded the brand as an equestrian harness workshop in 1837. Located in the Grands Boulevards quarter of Paris, Hermès produced harnesses and bridles for European nobility. In 1880, the Hermès atelier moved to 24 Rue Du Faubourg Saint-Honore, where it resides today. By 1914, Hermès employed 80 saddlers and boasted prestigious clientele like the czar of Russia.

In 1935, Hermès released the iconic Sac à dépêches handbag, a move that initiated its push into fashion. The iconic bag was later renamed “The Kelly” after Grace Kelly, actress and Princess of Monaco.

As the fashion house passed from one generation to another, it expanded production to include ready-to-wear clothing and wristwatches. From 2003 to 2010, avant-garde designer Jean-Paul Gaultier brought his unique artistic vision to the fashion house as creative director, including reimagining and reintroducing the hallmark Birkin handbag. Today, Hermès continues to break boundaries and explore new forms in fashion while remaining rooted in a heritage of Parisian tradition.

And we can’t casually mention the Birkin without discussing the insane waitlists that span upwards of 5 years. Any devoted Hermes fan is unfortunately well aquainted with these waitlists. However for those unfarmiliar; to purchase a Birkin, shoppers are placed on lengthy waitlists. Customers are ranked based on status, reputation and previous purchases.

Dedicated to Craft

A dedication to handcrafted quality and Parisian excellence can be seen in every Hermès timepiece. Hermès oversees every aspect of production, split between two dedicated ateliers located in Paris and Switzerland. Hermès selects raw materials such as alligator, buffalo, and ostrich skin for its straps. It takes 15 separate steps to process the edges of each individual watch strap, with each step taking up to two hours. This high standard and meticulous attention to detail ensures that every Hermès timepiece is a keepsake.

Bold collections

The assortment of luxury women’s timepieces from Hermès includes the unique Heure H watch assortments. The elegant Double Tour collection features a sinuous wrap-around leather strap and a gold-plated or stainless steel H-shaped case.

With a pad-lock gold-tone charm case and hand-stitched leather strap, the Kelly range is a bolder choice for those looking to make a statement. This range is both Adventurous and elegant.

Each of these pieces below offers the wearer a sense of glamour and commitment to sensational designs and superior quality that set Hermès apart. So without further ado, let’s get into our top 4 picks available and currently 30% off!

Hermes Cape Cod Quartz Silver Dial Ladies Watch

The Heritage & Handiwork of Hermes

Hermes Heure H Medium White Dial Black Leather Watch

The Heritage & Handiwork of Hermes

Hermes H Hour White Dial Small Double Tour Leather Watch

The Heritage & Handiwork of Hermes

Hermes Kelly White Dial Orange Leather Ladies Watch

The Heritage & Handiwork of Hermes

Continuing the Legacy

Hermès has produced leather goods and handbags for more than 150 years. It has built a worldwide following thanks to its passion for innovation and dedication to traditional craftsmanship. The assortment of eclectic luxury wristwatches combines attention to detail and superior accuracy with adventurous designs and enduring quality. Hermès remains a world leader in fashion by presenting fearless forms alongside heritage collections with a timeless aesthetic.