HODINKEE Radio: Finding J.P. Morgan’s Long-Lost Million-Dollar Pocket Watch

, HODINKEE Radio: Finding J.P. Morgan’s Long-Lost Million-Dollar Pocket Watch

The show returns for 2022 with a very special episode featuring a chat with returning guest and friend-of-the-show, Daniel Miller. Daniel is a business reporter and journalist for the Los Angeles Times and he recently published a story about his prolonged hunt to find a very special pocket watch commissioned by the famous banker, J. P. Morgan. The watch had been made in 1909 by the British firm J. Player & Sons and had traded hands several times before disappearing in the late 1970s – and that’s where Daniel started to work.

It’s a fabulous story, highlighted by a remarkable cast of characters that would eventually lead Daniel down a series of rabbit holes as he connected industrialists with collectors, magnates, descendants of royalty, dealers, and even a sultan for good measure. It’s nothing short of an absolute treat to have Daniel on the show again as he provides an inside track on his hunt, plenty of behind-the-scenes tidbits, and even a first-hand retelling of how this story ends. 

This is not one to skip and it’s a great way to kick off what is going to be a fantastic year for HODINKEE Radio. Thanks so much for listening. 

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