Burberry: Give The Gift of Luxe

Burberry’s Background

Burberry: Give The Gift of Luxe

Thomas Burberry established his namesake fashion house in Basingstoke Hampshire, England, way back in 1856. By 1913, Burberry had already moved to London and quickly blossomed into the luxury fashion retailer it is today. A tradition of innovation has kept Burberry at the forefront of fashion for over 150 years.

Burberry is now a sought-after label for both fashion fans and those searching for the perfect gift. This can be attributed to its variety of collections which include designs that span for decades.

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Evolution & Innovation

In the beginning, Burberry focused heavily on outdoor attire to help people dress stylishly for the unpredictable British weather. It was through this ethos that the iconic trench coat was born.

In 1888, Burberry revolutionized outerwear with a trench coat made of a breathable, waterproof, and hard-wearing fabric called gabardine. By weatherproofing the yarn before weaving it together, the designer created a lightweight coat that was both versatile and rugged.

Rooted in History

In 1911, Burberry outfitted Roald Amundsen, the first man to ever reach the South Pole. Burberry also dressed Ernest Shackleton, who led an expedition across Antarctica in 1914. In 1994 as George Mallory attempted to climb Mount Everest, he actually wore a Burberry gabardine jacket.

Other notable people spotted in Burberry outerwear include Aviators A. E. Clouston and Betty Kirby-Green. The two flew a plane sponsored by the brand from London to Cape Town in 1937 (aptly named “The Burberry”). These adventures supported by Burberry further strengthened the brand.

The trench coat became an essential part of the British army’s uniform during World War I: hence the garment’s name. Queen Elizabeth II gave Burberry a distinguished recognition with a Royal Warrant as a “Weather-proofer”.

The Burberry trench coat did not stay exclusive to the military for very long, with many civilians developing a liking for them. By the 1960s, the trench had emerged beyond function into the realm of luxury fashion. Interestingly enough, by 1965, one in five coats exported from Great Britain was a Burberry.

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The Iconic Check

In the 1920s, Burberry introduced another icon: the Burberry check. Initially used for lining jackets and coats, the pattern caught public attention in 1967. After a store manager put some of the coats with the hem facing outward, placing the check pattern in full display to liven up the neutral trench coats, customers raved about the look and asked for more products featuring the Burberry check. Very quickly, there was a high demand for various items featuring the unique design, hence the birth of the iconic plaid scarf.

The Scarf of Every Winter Season

Burberry fans recognize what sets Burberry apart from the rest: style and quality. This is why Burberry scarves have had a loyal following since they were first introduced in 1967. Whether you are looking for scarves with the classic Burberry check or in more modern shades like yellow, orange, or pink, Jomashop’s collection certainly won’t disappoint. Shop the most popular Burberry item on our site here.

The Classic Check cashmere scarf features Burberry’s instantly recognizable check print. Burberry handcrafts each cashmere scarf in a 200-year-old mill in the quaint Scottish countryside, using a unique 30-step process on a traditional loom. As a final touch, the artisans wash each scarf in local spring water and carefully hand brush them for an ultra-soft feel.

Burberry makes its silk scarves in Italy, combining elements: house checks, icon stripes, logos, and monograms. Luxurious ponchos and oversized capes envelop the wearer in instant warmth, thanks to cashmere and heavy wool construction. Everyone will appreciate Burberry scarves’ modern silhouettes and outstanding craftsmanship to stay warm wherever life takes them. Therefore a Burberry scarf is both a stylish, practical and thoughtful gift (it doesn’t get better than that!).

Functional and Stylish Accessories for Sale

Burberry accessories are made for the discerning buyer, someone who understands how important it is to curate a wardrobe with high-quality statement pieces and the accessories to match.

The British aesthetic has made it a beloved label for Anglophiles and those who appreciate solid craftsmanship. Burberry’s luxury handbags and accessories are marked by clean lines and an understated aesthetic.

Graffiti text meets bold colors, giving their accessories a dynamic punk feel. The brand effortlessly combines past and present, all while emphasizing traditional elements and mod shapes.

Burberry’s line of purses includes military-inspired pieces, with buckles and cargo-style pockets that nod to its famous trench coat design. From shoulder strap & crossbody bags, to backpacks & wallets, all accessories balance an attractive appearance with functional details.

Burberry’s distinctive monogram ‘B’ print adorns many of these accessories, giving the pieces a distinctive flair. Try a monogram leather clutch bag to make a bold statement on a night out. Or for something more chic, a classic crossbody with metal hardware is the perfect choice for office or weekend brunches.

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A Lot of Logo Love

Speaking of monograms & logos, the Burberry Equestrian Knight logo was created in 1901. It features the word “Prorsum,” which means “Forwards” in Latin. The company continues to look to the future today, blending haute couture with accessible high street flair. Charming key chains are available alongside formal bag shapes, with the knight crest taking center stage. Further historical accents feature across the wider collection, including throwbacks to must-have 90s satchels.

Burberry: Give The Gift of Luxe

A Nose for Success

In 1981, Burberry made its first foray into the fragrance industry. It introduced Burberry fragrances specifically for Men. In 2004, Burberry perfumes gained international recognition when the Fragrance Foundation awarded Burberry Brit for women a FiFi Award. Since the launch of its first designer perfume, Burberry has released 81 designer scents for women and men, further expanding the brand’s global product reach.

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Continuing the Tradition

Burberry’s ready-to-wear collections are where innovation meets classic British glamour. Burberry’s iconic pieces make it a beloved designer among fashion insiders, while newcomers to the brand will appreciate the technical fabrics, attention to detail, and timeless elegance. Staying true to its roots, Burberry continues to pay homage to the English style by creating exquisitely crafted pieces.

There is no other brand as quintessentially British as Burberry. Over the years, the iconic check pattern remains one of the most recognizable patterns in the world. The check is certainly a defining feature of the brand! The brand’s enduring universal appeal is proof that it is a classic that will stand the test of time. Burberry is a truly unstoppable force in the fashion scene thanks to its forward-looking approach and lasting legacy.