All The Seiko Releases From 2021 By Plus 9 Time

It’s tough to recall all of the watches that were released last year. Some were memorable and others flew under the radar. Narrowing down that task to just one brand and their releases doesn’t make it any easier, let alone if we went with a powerhouse brand like Seiko. A few Seiko releases come to mind from last year; the 140th Anniversary Edition SPB213, the exuberant Seiko Rowing Blazers collaboration and the slew of handsome solar watches like the Seiko SNE573 or the SSC819 released through their Prospex line. Although those were some highlights, I’m sure there were some honorable mentions from last year that we didn’t quite get to cover, or that we just flat out missed. Luckily, a recent article published on Plus 9 Time has got us covered, by breaking down all of Seiko’s releases of 2021. Its name derived from referencing Japan’s GMT timezone, Plus 9 Time is a website dedicated to covering the Japanese watch industry as a whole and more specifically the progression of the Seiko brand.

, All The Seiko Releases From 2021 By Plus 9 Time

In this article, we get an overview of Seiko’s entire production from last year. It’s worth mentioning that Plus 9 Time excludes the luxury side of things like Grand Seiko, Credor and Pulsar, which is mind boggling considering the amount of watches Seko was still able to release without counting the aforementioned brands. In a neat presentation through graphs, charts and numeral insights we get a glance at Seiko’s 408 newly released models in 2021. You read that correctly, 408. From the Seiko Essentials and Presage line, to the Seiko Five Sports and Prospex line, and everything in between, including a Seiko stopwatch, it’s all there for your leisure reading.

, All The Seiko Releases From 2021 By Plus 9 Time

Credit: Plus 9 Time

Each watch or lineup of watches is provided with a photo of the release and a brief summary including relative history, specs and availability at the time of release. While scrolling through you get an idea of the sheer production and in-house manufacturing capability that Seiko is equipped with. We also must note Seiko’s constant evolution with their technology and their creative application of that technology into their watches. Then combine all of that with their progressive ideas behind contemporary designs, vintage reinterpretations and collaborations. We can go on and on, but it is very clear to see how large Seiko’s presence is throughout the watch spectrum in all price categories. This goes without saying, but it seems that the table is set for Seiko to have another big year in 2022.

If you find yourself some time, grab a cup of coffee and make your way over to Plus 9 Time and check out all that Seiko had to offer in 2021. 9 Plus Time

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